Coach profession in Estonia is regulated by law.

Sport Act: § 6 Requirements for coaches
(2)   A coach is a sports specialist who instructs sportsmen and sportswomen and other persons participating in sport and who has the professional qualifications of coach within the meaning of the Professions Act

Awarding body for coaches’ occupational qualifications in Estonia is Estonian Olympic Committee. The implementing body is Foundation of Sports Education and Information.

First coaches qualification certificates were issued in 2004. Estonian coaches’ qualifications framework is in compliance with European Qualification Framework (EQF).

Estonian coaches’ qualification system have 6 levels. Click to read short description of qualifications from the Europass Certificate Supplement:

Assistant coach, level 3
Junior coach, level 4
Coach, level 5
Senior coach, level 6
Master coach, level 7
Elite coach, level 8 (not available in English)

Procedure for awarding professions for coach professions

Click to look from Estonian Sports Register how many certified coaches is in Estonia on present moment and on what levels and specialisations.

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